House is located in the Bahia Ballena area.
The project consists of a house and an apartment of modern style.
At first impression, we see a stone wall with a great architectural contribution to the house, beautiful vegetation that was respected as the Corteza Rosado tree that gives a great contribution to landscaping and refreshes the gardens of the house.
The house was designed to hold meetings without affecting the rest of the inhabitants of the house. The entrance hallway divides the house into two sectors, the public one with the living areas, kitchen, and pool, among others, and the private area consisting of the bedrooms and rest areas.
The apartment located within the same property has two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a living room with a kitchen which serves as an excellent guest house.
A house with fine finishes such as European-style windows, teak wood furniture, and fine and imported veneers that give an elegant touch to the house.