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Playa Hermosa Condominium


This is the first condominium project totally approved to be built in the southern regionof Costa Rica. We have built the first stage of the project which consistsof awaste water treatment system for the whole 26 residential unit project, 150 meters of storm water management system and 200 meters of a potable water system, 500 meters of concrete gutters, 5,000 square meters of paved roads, and 1,500 square meters of sidewalks. It also includes installing the underground electrical and fiber optics networks.

This is the second model built in the condominium. This modern village has a total area of 280 m2 (3,013 ft2) with three bedrooms, two and half baths, a kitchen, living, dining and grill areasand balconies on all the sides of the village.

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